Mix flower

The Flower Mix is a mix of different plants and flowers that are combined in order to achieve an aesthetically spectacular effect. We combine plants of different heights, textures, flower colours and leaves to create original flowerbeds.

This technique is used to introduce nature into urban spaces, therefore supporting the fight against pollution, attracting beneficial fauna, promoting biodiversity and improving the quality of life for citizens.

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There are 3 options for the composition of the Flower Mix:

  • Flower mix comprising vivacious plants and shrubs
  • Flower mix with seasonal (annual) plants
  • Flower mix combining both options (comprises vivacious plants, shrubs and seasonal (annual) plants

Vertical gardens

Vertical gardens are defined as “A vertical structure that is intentionally covered by vegetation of different species and specifically grown to resemble a garden” and can be used both outdoors and indoors. There are many benefits associated with them due to the lack of space in big cities.

Thanks to vertical gardens, we can mitigate the urban heat island (UHI) effect on large urban centres. We can decrease the indoor temperature of a building up to 5 °C in summer and maintain the temperature in winter.

Vertical gardens, green walls or living walls have many advantages. One meter of vegetation produces the oxygen that a person needs for a whole year and is capable of trapping 130 grams of dust in a year. As an example, a 4-story building (60 m²) with a green wall can filter 40 tons of gases per year.

Another factor to consider is that having plants in the workplace improves performance and reduces discomfort. It can also reduce up to 10 dB of noise pollution.


Bulbs are an original and different way to quickly create striking flowerbeds.

There are two ways of planting them: either by hand or by using a mechanised bulb planting system only available in the Spanish market in urban areas.

Thanks to our collaboration with the Verver Export company, we are able to use this system, which, besides being faster, is not aggressive with the soil.

By planting different mixes of bulb species, we achieve a multi-annual flowering which can last up to 6-8 years. We are also able to create different environments based on the client’s needs.

Bulb mixes are ideal for combining with other types of plants, thus extending the flowering season of the flowerbed. Bulbs start flowering earlier while the rest of the plants follow afterwards.

Green structures

Green structures are containers (generally pots, planters, etc.) which are placed in different urban spaces. These may have different sizes.

Their goal is to create a colourful and vibrant environment within urban environments, such as streets and squares. They also support biodiversity, pest control and the fight against pollution.

We are able to create specific compositions for each location by considering their conditions - sunlight, shadow, watering, temperature, colour, etc.

After studying each case and selecting a plant, there are 2 options: we can either deliver the plants ready to be planted, or we can do the planting ourselves in our nursery and deliver the plant in perfect condition on site.

Green cushion

A green cushion is an easy, comfortable and fast method to fill in hanging structures, planters and other containers with plants.

The cushion is made of a base specifically designed so that plants can survive for long periods of time in small containers or spaces with adverse conditions (wind, sun, shadow, rain, etc.). The slow-release fertiliser allows plants to be well-fed during the whole season.


Sacks are an easy and fast method to fill any space with plants. They feature a biodegradable woven wrapping with a base specifically designed for the correct development of vivacious and annual plants, thanks to its own fertiliser.

Each sack is delivered when plants are at their best, thus achieving an immediate aesthetic effect.

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Floral pyramids


The floral pyramid is a pyramid-like container structure that allows us to create a spectacular decorative element. Thanks to its ease of use, we can place it in different locations as needed.

We have 2 sizes for the pyramids. The first one is 160 cm tall and usually features 120 plants (may vary based on variety). The second one is 200 cm tall and features 180 plants (may also vary based on variety).

There are also different options: the structure can be rented with plants, can be bought with or without plants and there is also a service for refilling the pyramid with new plants.

Regardless of the chosen option, our specialists can advise you when choosing your plants by considering both the client’s needs as well as the weather conditions of the area (sunlight, shadow, etc.) where they will be placed.

Green tree pits

Tree pits are the spaces at the feet of trees in our cities. They can boost biodiversity by creating a microhabitat which attracts useful fauna, which, in turn, controls pests and tree diseases.

By adding a few plants in different combinations, we can avoid the use of pesticides, boost biodiversity, help the tree use rainwater and avoid brushcutting works. On top of all of this, they add a decorative value for pedestrians.

In order to achieve a proper green tree pit, there are several factors to consider: the area where it will be placed, the type of tree that is planted, whether there is an irrigation system and the time of the year when it will be planted. We are happy to help you find the option best suited to your needs.