CORMA has always been involved in respecting the environment for a very long time. We are fully aware that the future of our planet is influenced by our behaviour towards nature.

As plants absorb the CO2 we produce, we also contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of our planet.

In addition, we have the MPS sustainability certification since 2009, which we obtained thanks to our efforts in reducing the use of phytosanitary products and developing the most sustainable farming techniques.

Certificado MPS


At Corma, we use ecological farming, also known as organic farming. 

It is a farming system based on the optimal use of natural resources, which does not use chemical products, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs), - neither as fertilizers nor to fight pests - thus achieving organic products while preserving the fertility of the land and respecting the environment. It provides a sustainable and balanced way to farm.

Organic farming provides healthy products of higher nutritional quality and with no chemical substances, which are obtained through sustainable procedures. The demand for organic food increases every year.


Pests and parasites

Plants that grow in a healthy manner, and whose biological cycles have been respected, are capable of fighting most parasites and diseases on their own and act as natural insecticides.  


In the event that help is needed, organic farmers have numerous strengthening medicinal plants, which are either parasite repellents or have natural insecticidal properties.