What is a collection?

What we call "collection" in Corma is a group of items that have the same characteristics to respond to a specific concept. They are provided with an added value (decorative pot, chrome label, promotions in stores, website, etc.) to stand out from more traditional products.

These elements help us engage with clients. They can teach us something, or, thanks to their image and design, can remind us of a specific location, season or evoke a feeling. 

1Mediterrania%20369x369.png     2Butterfly%20planet%20369x369.png     3Trepadoras%20369x369.png     chameleonic menu.png     5Colores,%20flores,%20balc%C2%A2n%20369x369.png     6Gram%C2%B0neas%20369x369.png     7Jard%C2%B0n%20de%20Verano%20369x369.png          9Fresones%20369x369.png          11Origins%20369x369.png     12Pink%20kisses%20369x369.png     13Diantica%20369x369.png