At CORMA, we sell ornamental plants both in national and international markets. We are present in the main European markets (France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands and UK) and are exploring new ones. 

In order for the plants to reach all our clients, we have the necessary resources and a team that works every day to ensure the best distribution. 



It’s not by chance that we offer 880 species with 3,090 plant varieties presented in more than 9,000 formats. Our goal is to adapt to different client profiles and we want our clients to be able to offer endless opportunities to their own clients.  


The secret to ensure freshness is speed. In order to do so, we work with professionals who can create routes that allow the plant to reach different markets with optimal health.  


Our team of expert production and sales professionals is always willing to help and advise you, so that you can feel safe and comfortable when you place an order with us.   


We look for new trends, new displays, new formats and new systems to stay up to date and to offer new inspiration to your clients.