The cooperative

Premiá de Dalt (Sales Point)

12,000 m2 of retail space.
Plant range of 800 products, 2,000 different formats
Flood irrigation system

Premiá de Dalt (Sales Point)

Premiá de Dalt (Central offices and head office)

The central offices are located next to the Premiá Sales Point.
The building houses the retail spaces, the administrative/financial, production and programming, IT/projects and management areas.

Premià de Dalt. Central offices and head office

Madrid Sales Point

Since 1987
14,000 m2 of trade show
Distribution and offices
It markets the production of the partners in the central and southern peninsular area, as well as in Portugal.

Madrid Sales Point

Argentona (Logistics and Distribution centre)

The "Can Fabrè" agricultural farm in the municipality of Argentona, was acquired by Corma in 1999.

The distribution facilities of the cooperative have an area of 6,500 m2.

Argentona. Logistics and Distribution centre

As a leader in the ornamental plant sector in Spain, CORMA role is that of a precursor, pioneer and reference. Since 1981, we have been working hard to provide a differential factor to our plants.

Through what we call "collections", CORMA gives its plants a lot of added value, associating them with concepts and taking care of their presentation, at the same time as providing consumers with the necessary information to better understand the plants being offered.
From CORMA, we are proud to declare that we are the first brand of value-added plants in Spain.
CORMA is a cooperative of producers of ornamental plants and this is more than just a definition, it’s a statement of principles. A fact which provides added value. A completely different way of doing things.
CORMA is a company dedicated to the commercialization of ornamental plants, with distribution reaching both the national and international markets, and with its professional teams being particularly concerned with meeting the needs of its customers, in the belief that the service shouldn’t be a luxury but a requirement.
But above all, CORMA represents the possibility of buying at source, the guarantee of a production based on the direct control of the quality of the plant and Corma’s production units’ in-depth knowledge into everything surrounding it: from labelling to logistics, from the substrate to the growing conditions. The best way to predict the future and to respond to what is presented to us. This is our guarantee. To always be by your side to know what you need.