At CORMA customers are at the heart of what we do. That is how we understand service. Your needs and proposals are what move us, what make us think of the best offers, what make us have the best logistics, to get where you need with constantly adjusted prices. We know that this chapter can not be a problem, and that is why we have improved our distribution capacity. Because CORMA is not an intermediary, but an active part in the development of companies and professionals who place their trust in us.

This may be the difference between selling and servicing.

Over 800 types of plants in over 2500 sizes. The range is synonymous with sales opportunity.

Twelve months to make the offer that best suits the needs of our Customers, and our Customers’ Customers.

Speed is a fresh plant, served in the best conditions. Because we are concerned with the farming but also with the guaranteed transport. Because we know that the best plant is one that sells well.

In the offer, the preparation, the care. Only the crop can be calm. Everything else demands the best time management. That is gold.


A short distribution chain allows you to constantly have a product in the best conditions. The best sales guarantee.


Guaranteed with the best team of professionals. In terms of the production, selection and marketing.

In labelling, in presentation, in formats, in logistics, in identification. Always looking forward, Always thinking of the Customer.