CORMA has always been involved in respecting the environment. We are fully aware that the future of our planet is influenced by our behaviour towards nature.

We are firstly contributing to reducing our carbon footprint because the plants absorb the CO2 that we produce.

MPS certified
In addition, CORMA and all its member producers have the MPS sustainability certification, which we obtained thanks to our efforts to reduce the use of phytosanitary products and develop the most sustainable farming techniques.

Furthermore, our producers of culinary and horticultural plants have the Catalan, French and European certifications for organic farming, based on organic products and integrated pest control*


 Organic farmingOrganic farmingOrganic farming

*Integrated pest control is the use of insects which are the predators of other insects that could damage plants (ladybugs, for example, help us fight against the aphid, by eating it). It is a wholly natural technique which encourages biodiversity.