Crop region

100% of the plants grown by our producers come from the region of El Maresme, which occupies a narrow strip of land in the northeast of Catalonia, between Barcelona and the Costa Brava. Between the sea and the mountains, the area has retained a stunning mountainous landscape next to the Mediterranean. The intense green of its three natural parks and the blue of the sea, with extensive landscapes, are dotted with small coves, which make up an idyllic landscape, of a typical Mediterranean beauty.

Its direction and proximity to the sea gives it a very unique temperate Mediterranean
climate that can be considered a microclimate. The annual average rainfall ranges between 600 and 800 mm and the temperatures are moderate at around 15°c on average annually.

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All these elements are beneficial for farming ornamental, horticultural and floral plants. In fact, horticulture plays an important role in the economy of the region and in the features of the landscape. Furthermore, its proximity to Barcelona and its surroundings, and its good communication with France have made El Maresme a key region for the trade of plants, both edible and ornamental.

Although the origin of commercial floriculture in El Maresme dates back to the beginning of the century, it was Beniamino Farina, also known as “El Italiano”, who revolutionized the entire sector in 1922 when he arrived in Vilassar de Mar. This Milanese flower grower brought the cultivation techniques of the Italian Riviera to Spain, which were very innovative at that time, along with cuttings of a variety of carnations hitherto unknown.

El Maresme has evolved to find its typical and recognized products. Among the typical products of El Maresme are Daisies, Agateas, Dimorphothecas, Gazanias, Carnations, seasonal plant and Aromatics.